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Large-flowered Series
Large dark pink flowers and conical fruit shape

The decorative, dark pink flowers of strawberry F1 ‘Toscana’ are a promising harbinger of a tasty seduction: dark red, juicy fruits with a delicious strawberry aroma.

Seed and young plants

The seeds of ‘Toscana’ germinate quickly and uniformly. The production of the young plants is therefore very economical and environmentally friendly.

Propagation for patio plant in creative combinations

Strawberry F1 ‘Toscana’ develops a vigorous plant with various offshoots. The large, dark pink flowers quickly appear on the plant and later on the runners. The first fruits are ripe a few weeks after the start of flowering. ‘Toscana’ is multifunctional and can be used creatively as a bedding plant, patio plant or in containers combined with herbs or other patio plants.

Fruit properties

Toscana produces a crop of beautiful, conically shaped strawberries throughout the summer. The fruits are juicy and sweet in taste. Brix of the fruits is between 8° and 10°.

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