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The plant ‘Elan’ has a large size and bears large flowers. With these qualities ‘Elan’ comes into its own in ‘Hanging Baskets’.

Ease of cultivation

The robust plant ensures a trouble-free start to your cultivation. The beautiful open habit and vigor make ‘Elan’ extremely suitable for the production of ‘Hanging Baskets’. The leaf of ‘Elan’ has a deep green color.

The fruits are tasty and healthy

The fruits of ‘Elan’ are elongated, shiny and light red in color. The most striking feature of the fruits is the truly excellent taste. This is mainly caused by the high sugar content in the fruits. This level of taste is unique in the perdrager range. The fruits of ‘Elan’ are not only very tasty but also extra healthy! Measurements showed that ‘Elan’ contains 30 – 50 % more Vitamin C than other perennial varieties

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