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Floral Showers is a fast, day length neutral series that flowers within a tight window in the fall.

Height: 20 cm (8 Inches) | Spread: 20 cm (8 Inches)

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Cultural Information for:
Antirrhinum Floral Showers
Common Name: Snapdragon
Botanical Name: Antirrhinum majus
Seed Count: 157,000 – 243,000/ounce, 5,600 – 7,000/gram
Optimum Germination Temperature: 65ºF / 18ºC
Optimum Growing Temperature: 60-65ºF / 15-18ºC

Plug Culture – 4 weeks (405 / 15 x 27 tray)
Stage 1 (days 1-7) Sow seed into trays filled with a sterile and well-drained media with an EC of 0.5 or less (1:2 slurry). Optimum pH is 5.5 to 6.0. Do not cover the seed as snapdragon requires light to germinate. Maintain a temperature of 65°F/18°C and sufficient moisture until germination is complete.

Stage 2 (days 8-15) The cotyledons are now visible and roots are beginning to form. Maintain the media moist but not saturated to promote healthy root development and penetration. Maintain the air temperature at 65°F/18°C and apply a light feeding at 50-75 ppm nitrogen from a well- balanced calcium nitrate based formulation. Supplemental lighting can be used to reduce crop time but maintain the photoperiod at 12 hours of light to encourage vegetative growth.

Stage 3 (days 16-28) The first true leaves are developed and roots are beginning to penetrate the media. Allow the media to dry slightly between irrigations to promote healthy root development. Maintain air temperature between 65– 68°F/18-20°C. Increase the fertilizer rate to 75-100 ppm nitrogen once or twice per week to maintain an EC level of 0.75 mmhos (1:2 slurry). Snapdragons are sensitive to high salt levels, (>1.0 mmhos).

Stage 4 (days -28-30) At the end of stage 4 the plugs should have 2-3 sets of true leaves and the roots should hold the plug media together. Optimum air temperature is 60-65°F/15-18°C to help tone the plugs. Maintain the EC level at 0.75 to 1.0-mmhos (1:2 slurry).

Transplanting to flower – 6-7 weeks

Media: Select a sterile and well-drained media with a pH between 5.5 -5.8 and low in nutrients (EC level less than 1.0 mmhos)

Temperature: Optimum growing temperature is 60-65°F/ 15-18°C during the day and 60°F/15°C at night. Once established the night temperature may be reduced to 50- 55°F/11-15°C.

Fertilizer: Maintain the media EC between 1.0 to 1.5 mmhos (1:2 slurry) by applying 150-200 ppm of nitrogen as needed from a well balanced calcium nitrate based formulation. The use of cal/mag formulations like 15-5-15 work well to supply adequate amounts of magnesium.
Avoid high rates of ammonium, especially at low temperatures, which promotes softer growth and stretched plants. High pH (>6.5) results in iron chlorosis.

Lighting: Supplemental lighting, up to 2,500 foot candles/ 27,000 lux, will hasten development and flowering.

Pests and Diseases: Aphids, Thrips and Spider Mites. Botrytis, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Pythium, Rust, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus.

Crop Scheduling:
Cell packs – 4-5 weeks from transplanting
4 inch/10 cm pots – 5-6 weeks from transplanting
6 inch/15 cm pots – 5 plants per pot 7-8 weeks from transplanting

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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