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Helianthus annuus F1

Flexibility in programming:


  • Less sensitive to day length than other Sunflowers for greater flexibility in programming
  • Better height under short days, not too tall under long days
  • Allows growers to produce high quality crops early, mid and late season
  • An extra ring of rounded, overlapping petals for better filled, more attractive flower heads
  • Flowers face upwards on strong stems and necks
  • Shorter crop cycle and concentrated harvest
    means increased margins
  • Strong seeding and plant vigour, equals higher
    harvest percentage than other varieties on the market.
Genus Helianthus
Species annuus


Series Vincent®s
Product name Vincent®s Choice, Vincent®s Choice Deep Orange, Vincent®s Fresh, Vincent®s Pomelo, Vincent®s Tangy
Group None
Use Indoor / Outdoor
Height 100 – 180 cm
Spread 20/gram;normal
Product form airtight 8 – 10°C, Cool, dry
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