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1.    Variety name    :    DELPHINIUM consolida

2.    Description    :
New cut flower series with great qualities:
– fully double flowers
– long spires
– strong stems
– uniform in growth
– high yielding
– upward growing side-branches that do not get tangled
– for greenhouse and outdoor production
– available as normal seeds and EC® filmcoated seeds
– available this season: deep blue, salmon pink, pure white (and the following colours in smalll quantities:)
– next crop: carmine, light blue, white with blue edge, lilac lavender and light pink

3.    General    :
a.    colours    :    see above
b.    height    :    80-100 cm
c.    life cycle    :    annual and biennial
d.    weight of 1000 seeds    :    2 gr (sold by seed count normal or filmcoated seed)
e.    time sowing/flowering    :    5 months
f.    family    :    Ranunculaceae
g.    hardiness zone    :    ( winterhardy, only in juvenile-stage)

4.    Sowing instructions    :
a.    method    :    direct seeding (drilling) on rows
b.    time    :    from April onwards (outdoors) for August flowering or mid-September for flowering late next spring
c.    temperature    :    optimum soil temperature for germination is 12°/15°C
d.    germination time    :    15-30 days
e.    seed quantity or plants per m²    :    0,3 gr per running meter

5.    Growing on    :
a.    distance between rows and/or plants       :    20-25 cm. It is not necessary to thin out the plants in the rows, unless overseeding has produced occasional clumps of plants.
b.    soil    :    any soil with moderate fertilization level
c.    irrigation    :    after sowing, soil should be kept uniformly moist until emergence is complete
d.    optimum temperature    :    12-15°C up to 20-25°C in bright sun
e.    diseases/pests    :    avoid high humidity (greenhouse crops) and keep plants as dry as possible to prevent mildew. Crownrot (Sclerotinia): drench soil with a fungicide and practice crop rotation.
f.    fertilization    :    normal to poor

This information is based on West European conditions and is given for general guidance only. No guarantee is given for the result of the crop, nor is liability accepted for the consequences of applying above indications.

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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